Making Sites and Apps Accessible for people with disabilities.

The other day I backed a project on IndieGogo to make the web more accessible for all people, as well for example when you have a disability from Knowbility

Making Sites and Apps Accessible for people with disabilities Images source: Knowbility

Often Usability for disabled persons is a sorely overlooked point on the internet, in apps and on the computer in general. Because the people constructing the websites are not the ones with the disabilities and so don’t pay directly attention to this.

This can be in the smallest details such as using a proper naming conventions for your images and links. So instead of using image1, image2, link1 use a proper naming convention for these. Such as Sunset in France, Eifeltower during the night in France, IndieGogo to make the web more accessible.

A good way of knowing how your site is performing is to activate the Voice-Over mode on your computer or smartphone and start browsing and using apps with only Voice over. Is it still usable? Can you reach your goal or transaction purely on the Voiceover? If yes, great, awesome. If not, go back and change the details.

Don’t take only my word for it, read for example as well a proper analysis of Unusability and the quick wins by Matt Gemmells take on Accessibility

Anyway to get back to the project, unfortunately they haven’t been able to complete their goal but thankfully they are starting a new campaign somewhere else to obtain more funding. The moment I know I’ll post an update here on the blog.