App: The Human Story by Story & Pixel — Kickstarter

App: The Human Story by Story & Pixel — Kickstarter

With the advances in mobile computing over the past decade, software applications have captured the attention of the globe. Although some apps seem trivial and inconsequential, the details of our software say a lot about who we are as humans. Apps have changed how we live our lives and they will undoubtedly shape our future.
 Just as apps have made their way to the world stage, a small community of developers has emerged as modern day artisans. Their obsession over the details of every interaction and pixel has given these unlikely leaders a voice in shaping software in a way that respects what it means to be human.
 At its core, App: The Human Story is a vehicle to look at what it means to be human in a world of technology.

A very great Kickstarter Project in a topic what is quite dear and close to me.
Although I’m not a developer (yet, I do use the majority of the apps daily and often moren then once daily. So it’s great to have some kind of recollection and proof of this within like 10 to 15 years from now. When it has all changed again 🙂

Anyway, although the pledges are not cheap, the value is really great. Help them to get to the next level in the last few days and I surely will increase my pledge to get the bonus points 🙂

(Via Daring Fireball .)