Google: The mobile Playbook

Mobile playbook google

Google is at it again with a brand new theme website: The Mobile Playbook.

It’s branded as The Busy Executive Guide to Winning with Mobile and combines the various other theme and information websites from Google in a Powerpoint presentation styled website.

One takeaway you can get really easy from this site is the Action Item Checklist. The 2 points which stands out for me are: 
* (Re) Focus your Value Proposition so it meets true mobile-specific needs. 
* Build mobile accountability into your organization. Dogfooding is every important with any major new turn your company will make and I honestly do believe that if you don’t want to try out your own product or channel, you shouldn’t be producing that product or channel.

With all the information from Google about the importance of Mobile, it’s getting slightly easier every time to understand and map the path of the customer.