Social Diversity of the biggest tech companies by their numbers and

Diversity of Various Tech Companies By the Numbers — Pixel Envy

  • It will come as no surprise that all of these companies are boys’ clubs, particularly tech workers and those in leadership roles. This is one of the biggest issues facing the tech industry right now.
  • Stereotypes are proving quite strong with the significant over-representation of those of Asian descent at all companies surveyed.
  • Black employees are, on the other hand, significantly under-represented. Like the under-representation of women in tech companies, this suggests a much larger and more overreaching issue. I’d argue that this is another of the biggest issues facing the tech industry.

A great analysis of social diversity of the major tech companies in the world. 
It’s amazing that this divide still holds up and what is even worse, that it holds up so strongly.

Diversity in my personal experience in the online marketing industry

When I look at the industry where I’m in, the Dutch / Belgium Online Marketing industry, I see some remarkable similarities and thankfully some differences.

From my own experience, there’s a larger equality among both genders (Female and Male) within the Online marketing industry but I really doubt if this will be on a 50%-50% level. What is really surprising because within the marketing as whole, Women tends to dominate.

Race on the other side is vastly white focussed. Even though 21% of the population of the Netherlands is from a non-dutch background they are underrepresented in the industry.

Innovation and Diversity


This is a tremendous disadvantage for the industry as a whole and holds back innovation
Below you find some stats about the creativity by country in the EU and the level of immigration in Europe. Do you see a a connection?