The true story behind the life of a killer whale at a marine park

Jim Horton flies through the air after being slapped by a beached pilot whale’s tail

SeaWorld’s Most Rewarding and Traumatic Job |

What follows are a series of surprising and shocking conversations in which the three talk about the rewarding and challenging sides of their jobs, from teaching a newborn orca how to eat to disposing of dead animals and witnessing dolphin mothers kill their calves. 
 Despite the often difficult nature of the work, Horton, Payne, and Dodge were dedicated to caring for the animals. “Animal care is the one thing that SeaWorld can be proud of,” Horton says. “We were the unsung heroes.”

A fascinating read into something we barely get to know..

How much did you know about the animal treatment and the reactions of the animals to being locked up for (most part) of their life.