Threats Abound as Peru Cops Seize Timber


Threats Abound as Peru Cops Seize Timber | National Geographic

The indigenous people in Peru are being attacked and slaughtered in front of their people by Loggers and Lumberjacks. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

At the bottom of the National Geographic Article are the family members of the killed men giving their feedback and asking us to continue to support the great cause. They had to travel from the border with Brazil to the largest city in the Peruvian amazon Google Maps to report this tragic news.

Please read the history and the article by the TheGuardian to obtain more information about the topic.

And if you wonder how big the Illegal logger industry is:

A 2012 World Bank report estimated that as much as 80% of Peru’s logging exports are harvested illegally PDF and investigations have revealed that the wood is typically laundered using doctored papers to make it appear legal and ship it out of the country; while a 2012 report by the Environmental Investigation Agency indicated at least 40% of official cedar exports to the US included illegally logged timber.
 A recent operation conducted by Peruvian customs looked at other timber species and, in three months, stopped the export of a volume of illegally logged timber equivalent to more than six Olympic pools.

Emphasis mine.

(Thanks to The Guardian.)