Ana Tijoux — Antipatriarca (live at the city lab theatre in Santiago de Chile)

For me one of the most interesting Latin singers at the moment is Ana Tijoux. For many in the Latin world she doesn’t need any introduction and we’ve heard quiet a lot of her as well as she sang a very popular song of her 1977 in Breaking Bad.

In 2014 she have released her latest album Vengo, which is great and this is one of the best songs on it.

It’s a feminist and anti Patriarchy song but it hits the truth right on the nail, the underreported and underrepresented functions and histories of women in the society.

According to her own words in the Newsweek:

The feminist anthem “Antipatriarca,” is more about strength than anger:

Not submissive and obedient

Insurgent, strong woman

Independent and courageous

Break the chains of indifference

Not passive or oppressed

Beautiful life-giving woman

Emancipated in autonomy

“I always feel that I have been very uneducated about feminism in my life, because of the way history gets taught in school. Women are always invisible,” Tijoux says, regarding “Antipatriarca.” In an attempt to remedy the gaps in her education, she began reading the work of Chilean feminist poet Gabriela Mistral, who wrote extensively about motherhood and sexual politics.

It’s a theme what came to light especially during the 60’s but nowadays it’s more present then ever. This disturbing trend towards going back to the former century in the women position in the society and discrimination is for another blogpost.

For the moment listen to this song and investigate a bit about the topic 🙂

To start you can read about the term Patriarchy on Wikipedia 🙂