Charlie Hebdo continues on Wednesday 14 jan. #jesuischarlie


Charlie Hebdo announced today on its website that they’re continuing their prints on Wednesday the 14th of January. Furthermore they will be extending their print copies to 1 million. I really hope they will offer a way of buying the magazine online as well, since I don’t live in France.

Furthermore they’re receiving a lot of donations for the French government and various newspapers and search engines in Europe. This will help them to continue with their magazine and rebuild the company. And I’m sure that they will rise from this stronger then ever.

Next up, the French police is still looking for the 2 murderers and are now looking in the French rural area of the north east of Paris. Follow the latest developments as well on the bbc website.

As I said yesterday, the blame game did start already on the ordinary Muslims with now in combined first place : 
Farage in England: this is due to the multicultural society.
The usa today : Why did France allow the tabloid to provoke Muslims?

Please stop this fucking game, start thinking about what you actually said and start accepting other people as people.

It’s fucking insane to blame whole societies and races for things a few people are doing, otherwise I could start on what we’ve done as Europeans to other cultures in our past. And are still doing (only undercover).