Freedom of panorama aka you can’t take pictures from what you see. 

A new law is being treated by the European Parliament about Freedom of panorama.

Basically they intend to regulate the law of image copyright across the European Union and one of the parts is:

Buried in a complex set of amendments is the idea that the automatic Freedom of Panorama be removed from those countries that maintain it, so that copyright holders of permanent artworks and buildings will need to authorize commercial use of pictures that include their works.

Source: Photography in public places across Europe threatened by harmonization proposal

It seems reasonable, isn’t?

But it isn’t. Because as usually within the European Union, we won’t see the whole picture. The above mentioned rules means that you want be able to post your pictures to for example Facebook or Twitter. Because? Because these websites use advertising next to your photos and so they are used commercially.

Even Wikipedia have to erase them and make them black. Thankfully they only have about 40.000 images. That will be very informative I do believe.

What can we do to let our voices be heard? Sign this petition. And maybe if you know someone I the politics , you might talk to them 🙂

How would it look like? Here below I’ve inserted a few examples: images source