Upgrade your Hyperlapse video´s

Hi there,

As I´ve written before, I really do like the Hyperlapse app and it´s one of the reasons why I´ve switched back to an iPhone.

Later on I´ll actually do a screencast on the use of the app, but there is a hidden screen which you can enter fairly easily.

Within that screen you can:

  • Adjust the video quality: From 720 to 1080p.
  • Change the frame rate: Between the 24 & 30 fps
  • Adjust the speed of the video playback: change it between 1 and 40 times

How do you get to the screen?

  • Basically you open the Hyperlapse App
  • Tap 5 times very rapidly with 4 fingers at the same time. You don´t need to tap it hard but just touch the surface.
  • Voila, you´re done.