Zierikzee (Zeeland) Night Photography

Zierikzee ‘T Luitje in the night

It was a beautiful evening again, fresh, but I’m happy that I’ve went out to grab a view pictures.

Below you can find a few images from the most typical views of Zierikzee during the night.

Zierikzee has a rich history, as from 1297 it has received city rights and until 1997 it was an independent municipal. Now it’s part of Schouwen Duiveland what is the whole island.

During the summer the city is filled with german and Belgian tourists and now the tourist season is slowing down and as well the vibrance of the city.

Please visit more pictures from Zierikzee on my 500px page.

Photography information:

The photos have been taken with my trusty old Nikon D80 and edited in Adobe Lightroom. Within Lightroom I used the Camera Standard Camera Calibration and changed the exposure, hightlights and temperature.

Zierikzee Zuidhavenpoort