The case against Colombus Day — He Was an Invader and a Tiran

Just to think back that still in many books he’s painted as a hero and an example, this little point is often, very conveniently overlooked:

Columbus spearheaded the transatlantic slave trade and has been accused by several historians of initiating the genocide of the Hispaniola natives. Columbus himself saw his accomplishments primarily in the light of spreading the Christian religion.


Though Columbus may not have been the first European explorer to reach the Americas (having probably been preceded by the Norse expedition led by Leif Ericson in the 11th century

Source: Wikipedia

So basically he:

  • Started the slave trade
  • Started the widespread Genocide of the indigenous people
  • Spreading the Christian Religion

And in the line of the christian religion changed the perception that HE discovered the America’s while THE VIKINGS have been there before and ALL of the INDIGENOUS people where before him with an even more advanced society then the european society.

Well done Motherfucker and why are we happy about you again??

Originally published at on October 13, 2015.