The Hands-on article about the new 🍏📺

Appel TV Source:

In the last few hours, the “hands-on” article about the new appleTV got published on Venturebeat.

And it’s a shame it got published, just because of the following note:

(Note: Apple did not send VentureBeat a developer unit, so we sought one out ourselves. Special thanks to the anonymous developer who offered us this early glimpse.)

The reasons why I think it’s a shame and a pity is that finally Apple is opening up to the developer community and are sharing more information and products in advance.

This helps them to get some great apps in the app store from the launch day. This is great for us as consumers.

When this trust is basically betrayed, just so someone gets some more page views out of it, I think that’s a pity.

I suppose Apple did think about this kind of scenarios before they started the program but still.

Anyway, to round-up the article on VentureBeat, it’s a great improvement but it lacks apps. (Because you can’t publish apps yet)

Originally published at on October 26, 2015.