Nopo pinhole camera on Kickstarter.

I came by this beauty yesterday and thankfully I was still in time to cooperate with the project.

It’s a handmade pinhole film camera, made from certified wood and with every camera they’re helping out the international reforestation group (TIST).

Honestly it will be my 1st film camera but I couldn’t be more excited about it. And it will be my 1st medium frame camera. All this while looking absolutely stunning as a design.

The photos taken with the camera seems very funny and some are actually very well made, especially the night shots. Have a look at this Flickr Search for Nopo Pinhole.

The camera is arriving in the 1st quarter of 2016, so it will be a Xmas and a birthday gift for me together 🙂

What I’m expecting:

  • I’ll be experimenting more with images
  • I’ll be more sharing the idea of photography with my kids
  • That I’ll be searching for film material soon on Google, anyone has some good shops?

What I’m not expecting:

  • Perfect quality pictures
  • GPS and instant sharing
  • That I’ll make a living of it.

Have a look for yourself if you would like to back this project on the kickstarter page: Nopo Pinhole Camera on Kickstarter

You still don’t know what a pinhole camera is? The definition of the camera type is:

A pinhole camera, a variation of Camera obscura, is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture, a pinhole — effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box. Exposures can typically range from five seconds up to as much as several hours. The effect was noted in the 5th century BC in China and has been refined over the centuries.

Source: Pinhole Camera Wikipedia

Originally published at on November 6, 2015.