Paris 13 November 2015

Paris A lot has been said already about the events in Paris from 13 November. It’s an atrocity and I think of all the people whom have lost their lives.

Not only last night in Paris, but the ten thousands and ten thousands of people and probably millions m of people in the last 20 years with fighting.

If anything please let this event be the last one where people die for no reason, apart from the reason that someone, somewhere wants to have their way and the only solution they see is arms and fighting.

Millions and millions of people are dislocated from their homes, just because of these fights. Millions of people or now trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and are situated in turkey and surrounding countries.

I don’t care which fucking religion someone’s has who has done this, but I do care about the solution for these events.

And the solution is not fighting more and killing more people. The solution starts with respect. For each one and each other.

This was the 339th terrorist attack in 2015, about 1,07 a day on average.

I took he above picture on the 14th of July 2007. I was living in Paris at that moment and really enjoyed the time and this particular special day.

Day of the Bastille (14th if July) is actually a very bloody day, with a lot of bloodshed. But it became a special day for peace.

Source: Wikipedia

I hope with a few years we can celebrate 13th of November for the same reasons.