Multnomah Falls : The Portland Waterfall Trilogy

Multnomah Falls portland top

The View from the Top

So, last week I published the picture from the Multnomah Falls from below, this one is from above. It is in combination with the Multnomah Falls Close Up photograph the trilogy of Multnomah Falls pictures 🙂

Taken in May 2015, these are the Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Close to the city of Portland, it’s hidden away just along the Historic Columbia River Highway and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the United States of America.
This photo was taken in the afternoon and so the different lights really shined beautiful on the Multnomah waterfall. The water comes down fast so I didn’t need to use a long shutter speed to obtain the frozen feeling of the water.
Technical details about this

  • Multnomah Falls picture.
  • Taken with a Nikon D80
  • Edited in Lightroom and on1 Photos.