The third time lucky

At the moment of writing I’m in Cubelles, Barcelona Spain. 
We came here to sign a contract for a house today. 
The address is Carrer L’estanyol 17a in Roda de Bera.

Only the owners changed their minds. And they cancelled the meeting just while we’re entering Spain to prepare for the meeting.

This was a great setback, especially after a long trip through snow and rain on the road and 2 small kids in the car.

Note that this was fully in their knowledge that we would be coming with the family to Spain.

Anyway, 2 hours after cancelling on us, they call again and want to agree on the contract but with different terms.

Although the terms where not bad we declined this offer because of a lack of confidence.

This comes after our experience in December where we’ve found a great house, in a lovely area.

We had agreed on all the terms directly with the owner and all the papers where fine.

They cancelled on us first, 1 day before signing the contract and after losing 5 days of investigation in other houses. Of course it was just before Christmas so it was really hard to find another house.

But we thought we did with the L’estanyol House. But it seems, 1 month after this that we didn’t.

Next steps

So now we’re wondering if we really wanna go to Catalunya because to have this happened two times really makes us wondering about our decision of going here.

This really makes us to look for other regions in Spain, we do think that Spain is still a great country to live, only not anymore in Catalunya.

Anyone has ideas how to deal with Real estate agencies in Spain??

Now we go for the third time, and this time we get lucky! The third time lucky, isn’t?