Nopo 120 Pinhole camera

NOPO 120 Pinhole Camera

So last week I got my Nopo 120 pinhole camera. It’s the one I’ve supported on the Nopo Pinholes Kickstarter project back in November.

I received the camera directly from Toño, the creator of the camera. This because I passed by in Madrid and he was kind enough to give it to me personally.

The camera itself is surprisingly small and very sturdy. You can feel the care and time it has taken to create the camera and it’s obvious that it’s build from real wood and handmade.

Nopo Camera Box Contents

When I opened the box there where a few things inside:

  • The camera
  • The user guide
  • Certificate of guarantee
  • A lovely bag to keep the camera save

The user guide

The user guide is very beautiful designed with a few things of information about the origins of Pinhole photography and the translation guide on the aperture times with the various Film ISO.

This part of it is very funny, as I’ve explained to Toño, it’s actually my first film camera ever. I’ve always shot digital.

And now I’m going film.

The camera

The camera is beautiful designed with the very firm feeling of wood. You can really appreciate the sturdiness of the camera together with the true wood feeling. And it’s surprisingly light in the hand.

The top of the camera is made from lighter wood while the body of the camera is slightly darker. The inside is black.

In total there are 2 buttons on the top and the lens mount. This lens mount doubles to open the lens and to close it again. This has to be done by hand.

On the top there are 2 buttons which can be turned to rotate the film inside. This is clearly marked with which one of the 2 buttons you have to turn. And which direction.

In the body there is a special small hole, to see the numbers of photographs you’ve taken. And when you’ve taken the photograph and are turning the button you can see how far you have to turn.

The photographs

I’ve made several photographs with the camera but I’ve had a change yet to get them developed. This will be in a next update.

For the moment, if you’ve a few more questions regarding the camera, please let me know and I’ll try to get them answered for you.

For now I’m going back to the slow photography and the Pinhole Photography.

Logo and the Nopo 120 camera

Logo Photo Y Café

By now you probably have seen that my logo and the camera do have a small resemblance of each other.

It’s because I really like the simplicity of the design of the camera and in December I’ve asked a designer, Augusto Metzli, from Boreal to design the new logo with 2 things in mind. This camera and a cup of coffee. I’m really happy how it turned out.

Next to the design, it’s also obvious that it’s made by hand and is made with love.