Back in the conversation

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Hi there, I’m back..

So i’ve been off the Social Media networks over August.

I’ve done this because of a few reasons:

  1. Focus on a few personal projects. These are done, expect a post on soon about this one.
  2. Work a bit more on the business and take on some extra tasks.
  3. Cut down on the idle time and trying to be more productive in general.
  4. Read more (at least a book)

What was my process for this:

  1. I’ve deleted all the social media apps from the iPhone and the iPad. (Facebook, Twitter apps, Instagram and Snapchat). In the beginning I’ve deleted as well news apps, but it become soon apparent that this wouldn’t be possible this time.
  2. Be very conscious about when I wanted to type in Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin on the computer and remove it from all favorites and history. This was fairly easy as normally I do 99% of all my social media on the phone or the ipad.

The results

  1. It was a great thing to do and I could focus more on the personal projects and the work.
  2. One thing is that I’ve moved this domain to Medium from WordPress and I’ve been cutting down on the amount of domains and Kickstarter supports. This has actually freed up money for new projects in the future.
  3. But for the work it was a fairly mixed bag as I’ve missed a fair amount of news (what happened to August is a slow news month) and I still had to log in to Facebook Business Manager to do work.

The last 2 points where a disaster:

  1. I did cut down on the idle time on social media but I missed as well the inspiration and I’ve been much more on newssites during the month. I’ve become even a regular at the Buzzfeed website.
  2. Reading a book has been a fucking disaster. I got to about 15 pages during the whole month of August. So this is actually the next target for the month of September, read a book.

Will I do it again?

Probably yes, maybe in about a 6 month or so but it was a great time. But I’ll be fairly happy to get back into the conversation again.