Have you’re email been compromised?

Before you start reading, check it out for yourself:


Yes, these are a few of the services where they got my email addresses

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Just as the latest big privacy and email breach have been communicated by Dropbox, I found this website.

It’s made by a privacy executive at Microsoft and it has a good overview on the various data breaches in the last few years.

And yes, mine have been breached in total like 7 to 8 times it seems, so I took a 15 minutes to change the passwords related to these services.

But how bad is it when your email adress is listed?

It all depends if you use separate passwords for separate websites or not. If you do, it’s fairly easy, just change your password and your done.

But if you always use the same password and same email address combination, be aware. This could result in that someone enters any website you use.

For myself I’m using a system that for some, very important websites, I use an unique password and even use 2 factor authentification.

For other websites I use a set of passwords which I rotate. These set of passwords I’m changing now.

I’m now leaving you with a Jimmy Kimmel video talking about this:

Thanks to Quartz and Loopinsight.