Sexism in the toy shops

You need to chose first a gender for a toy?

As I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately in toy shops (these are great places to go with kids while it’s raining), everytime I’m amazed by the sexism used by the toy makers and the toy shops to advertise their products.

This is not only for the offline shops but as well for the online shops.

Just today I got send a link to a Toy Section (It’s the Amazon of the Netherlands and Belgium). And what did I see their:

A “helpful” wizard to quickly get the right product for the kids. And number 1 question? Is it for a boy or a girl?

Who. gives. a. FUCK.?

I want to get a gift which is according to their interests and ways of improving their curiousity.

So for the upcoming weeks I’m afraid I won’t be visiting any toy shop or online toy section, cause I will get very angry.

You remember, the only gender valid toys (more or less) are the adult ones which you use in your body. All other toys are fucking gender neutral.

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