New Macbook Pro laptops

P3 Display on new Macbook Pro: Source

So Apple released new laptops last week.

And they look gorgeous. And people are upset. Oh are people (developers and UNIX nerds) upset.

Even one of the most wide spread articles had the title: Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for.

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I think they actually do know exactly who the mac is for, only you don’t agree with their decisions.

As an example is of course Steve Jobs again, who of course would never have tolerated this and Apple is doomed under Tim Cook! But I’ve got a newsflash for you: Who pushed Apple always to the edge of new ways of working? Anyone remembers USB, WIFI and the removal of the VGA adapter?

<start very personal rant> I honestly really hate the whole fucking reaction: if you don’t like the product, don’t fucking buy it. You’re not obliged to purchase it. And go and make your hackingtosh! </end very personal rant>

For me it will be for sure an upgrade in the future. I was planning to get an iMac but this one with the TouchBar, Touch ID integration and the new P3 screen it will be a must buy in the future for me.

New Touchbar for Photos Source

As someone who likes to shoot photographs and video’s, this is a great upgrade and honestly I don’t care that much about the lack of SD card reader. Most of the time I import first the photographs into my iPad or iPhone before transferring the photographs to the Mac.

You know what was a real bummer for a photographer in the Macbook changes: The Security Lock to actually secure my laptop.

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I didn’t hear anyone talking about this at the moment!!!

Anyway, I do understand everyone has their opinion and many people who are complaining are just very disappointed. Have a tea, put on a relaxed sound on your headsets and take a deep breath.

Apple will move in the future to an iOS platform only, I don’t doubt that, but for the moment the new laptops are an awesome piece of equipment for most of us. Even for Pro power users, but maybe not in the programming field?

Please have a look at the following article who have a great rundown on all the various perspectives:

As has been pointed out by many, the escape key is still there, it’s just not a separate physical key any more. And in all honestly, almost nobody will care about that after having used the new device for a month and gotten used to it, and for the couple of percent of you who will insist on remaining upset about this change, I’m sorry. But you can always use the VT-100 you have in your office when it bothers you too much.

I know when I buy a new car, I invariably have some accessories I need to buy because the ones I had with the old one aren’t correct for the new one — winter chains are always replaced, it seems. So if I’m spending $25-$30K on a car, spending another $100 on chains isn’t a big deal.

But watch the nerds complain about a $19 thing to customize their $2500 computer. My short answer: time for a bit of perspective, people.