Nopo 120 Pinhole camera Photographs

View on malaga harbor from the Castillo de Gibralfaro, Malaga

Last year I supported a Kickstarter product for a Handmade Pinhole camera, the Nopo 120.

I received it this February and I’ve been testing it since.

At the end, I finally finished my 1st roll of photographs a few weeks ago and got them developed. And while I’ve waited to get it developed I was fairly excited about them.

Yesterday I got them. And honestly I can’t find yet the proper words for them.

It’s always a very different mindset if you compare it to digital and analogue. And on top of that, the photographs are in Black and White. This is something I underestimated a big time and results in photographs which are not great for Black and White photographs. That means that there where many vivid colours originally and no off course digital doesn’t have any grain what so ever.

Now I got new colour photo rolls to play around with and let’s try to get them better.

Please let me know what you think about the photographs and here below you find the apertures of the photographs:

Photo 1: 40 seconds indoor
Photo 2: 30 seconds, Location close to main cathedral Malaga 
Photo 3: 15 seconds, Location: Malaga harbor
Photo 5: 25 seconds Islas Cies
Photo 6: 16 seconds Islas Cies (clear sunlight)
Photo 7: 16 seconds Islas Cies
Photo 8: 15 seconds sunrise Schouwen Duiveland

Please let me if you have any comments and improvements for me to improve these.