Impressions of the south of Spain — March 2016

Last year we went as a family for a 3 month trip to the South of Spain, Portugal and Galicia.

While I could keep on working and actually meeting up with people to get more work and ideas we took those impressions from the way.

First up is the month of March, where we went from the Netherlands to Malaga by car.

This was only a 3 day trip, as we ‘ve preferred to take it easy and enjoy the road.

I’ve divided these posts in different types of photographs blogs and of course I’m starting out with the food Pictures 🙂

Some delicious healthy and vegetarian food plates

Of course we also tried the ridiculous lovely Chocolate con Churros

Some great Gluten Free Churros by the way, they’re lovely!

and the bakeries are a very dangerous place if you love sweet food.

And to finish up, we’ve found close to the Malaga Castle some lovely Vegetarian food, a must visit if you’re in the city

For the next post I’ll go further into the landscape and city scape photography by City, so you can start packing your bags already and reserve your flights .

Below you find some sneak peak photographs from this.